Monday, 17 September 2018

Designing a sport

What materials/things do you need for your sport?
Piggy bag  ,basket, nambers and cones
Where can your game be played?
Field and hall
How many players are needed? How many teams are there?
1 - player  in each team
Competition/ Cooperation:
Explain how the players have to cooperate. Explain how the players compete.
Explain the rules of your game so that someone else could know how to play it.
No fight, no one past the cones
Objective/ Goal:
What is the goal of your game? How do players win?
By getting 1’0000

WRITE a task description
Write a short paragraph telling your blog readers what the task was for this week.
  • What did you learn? I learnt that you can make up your own sport or game.
  • What was the task? Designing a sport

  • Did you enjoy this task? Yes
  • What did you find difficult? Making my game

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Animation planing

We are about move your body . energy, veges and a lot of water.You have to get a try and get the ball through the post.My player run up to a player and bombs him off and tries.There was a Final game of Samoa and Tonga and Tonga kick the first half. A player from Samoa catch the ball and bomb of someone and score a good try . Yes he said the rugby score are 0-4 the rugby player from Samoa dabbed . please live a comment thank you.

Friday, 31 August 2018

The Sheep’s point of view

Once  upon a time a sheep name Jessie was going to the other side of the farm Jessie  saw a lady with a long blond hair with glasses .Jessie was walking up to the blond hair lady she started to get scared she stop on her spot and she hold her breathe and she was  Frozen Jessie grind Protectively bewared it lame.the lady said whew that was a close call.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Sheep Dictation

The mother sheep  follow me around the path peeking up a pace. She release with in touch den sens  of her lame she let out her loud a note blat which Eco around the paddock. The sleeping lame lifted it’s head and turn towards us before slowly returning to it sleep. As the sheep got closer and closer i fort i should whether turn and run. I begin to panic .Was she going to attack me holding my breath i froze. I side as the sheep and grind Protectively beward it lame .whew that was a close call.