Friday, 29 June 2018

forces of flight


on june my friend told me if i want to do skydiving with him I said yes so we went. I was scared and nervous cause we were next to the Humongous mountains . I was standing at the back of my friend he  keeps on saying to me hurry up. I fell down and it felt like a cotton candy in my mouth. I press a button and a big parachute came out of my back bag. We were flying like birds we all said WEE. I did a cool flip twice I was so deasy. My friend john was doing funny faces. I couldn't stop laughing it was crack-up. It look like I was walking on the clouds. When I touch the clouds it felt like fluffy sheep. I saw a big big big rainbow I slide on the big big big rainbow .  i said WEE I pretend like i was a superhero and spinning around  and around . it would be cool if I was a superhero .

Monday, 18 June 2018

Animation Voice

There are for forces of flight it is lift , thrust, drag and weight . Thrust makes force and force makes the propeller and it makes lift .The force of the propeller is a fan that has the rotational motion that creates thrust .Weight is payload that which means luggage .Occurs naturally and object goes through air or water that flows through the water. and please live a comment from Kitione.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

how planes fly


On Friday my teacher were Miss Teleso and Mrs Langitupu . WhenI went in I was scared when I saw my friend I wasn’t scared any more .Miss Teleso and Mrs Langitupu told us to make a movie. We get to go on youtube and cool math games .

Monday, 11 June 2018

Narrative Week 6 Term 2 2018

Writing - Narrative Week 6 Term 2 2018

Once upon time there a bucket and there was six animals there was a donkey,bee,bull, bird ,rabbit and a rostar.They all live in the farm.

The bee was on the water they were going around and around.The birds was just looking at the water.The little rabbit was looking at the water to.The donkey was drinking the water he had a big mouth. The bull was running and running he has a big hone on his head his skin was white.A big storm and it bowed the farm.all The animals were and then they went to the house.the farmer gived them food so they can com down when the farmer com them down the storm stop.

Friday, 1 June 2018

ball experiment

On monday Mrs Moala and Ms West were  doing balls experiment.Ms West and Mrs    Moala were fighting about the ball that falls on the ground first.Mrs Moala and Ms West stand on chairs.When they dropped it on the ground Mrs Moala touch the ground first.Next Miss west got a red and black small ball and Mrs Moala had a basketball.They went back on the chairs and dropped it .The balls fall on the ground at the same time.